July 26, 2009

Visit to Stanberry

We had a very enjoyable weekend in Stanberry this weekend. Brooke got to see her Aunt Arianne and Uncle Jordan as well as her grandparents and all of her great grandparents. She can keep everyone straight and had fun entertaining them all. I usually end up after a weekend like this with a bunch of pictures of Brooke and you can't even tell who we visited. This weekend I tried to get some pictures of Brooke with other people. Sorry, Grandpa Nickell and Jordan, I missed you, but I think I caught everyone else! She also had so much fun this weekend I decided to seperate my posts, so keep scrolling down, because there are 2 more!
She didn't want to pose for this picture but I like it anyway!

She walked around these rocks barefoot like it was nothing...and then collected rocks to deliver to everyone inside..see below!

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