October 26, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Today we carved our pumpkin. I wasn't sure how Brooke would enjoy it since she hates getting messy, but she actually loved putting her hands in and playing with the pumpkin mess. Here are a few pictures.

Below is Brooke saying, "NO, I won't smile for the camera!"

October 24, 2008

Field Trip

Today I had my first field trip with day care. We went to the pumpkin patch (again). Mom got to go too! I had a ton of fun with my friends!

October 21, 2008

A little bribery goes a long way...

I finally got Brooke to try on her clown costume...and without and tears! She was actually quite excited with it (once I bribed her with fruit snacks and cookies :) This is the clown costume that my mom made for Jen and I when we were 2. It got worn for many years after that by other family members and friends. I am glad to at least get a picture of Brooke wearing it, although I think she may actually be willing to wear it again!

October 19, 2008

We love Fall!

As promised....here are a lot of pictures from the weekend! Scroll down, because there are about 4 new posts! Yesterday was a nice cool day and Brooke got to help Daddy rake leaves while Mommy worked all day.

Pumpkin Patch

We had a fun trip to the pumpkin patch today. Brooke loves seeing pumpkins and Halloween decorations at the store, so she was thrilled with all the pumpkins. Here is a short video of her excitement. If you listen closely, you can her her say "pupin" but it was a very windy day. Every nice fall day is ruined in Manhattan with wind! There is also a sideshow of our day.

See How I've Changed in 1 year!

Halloween Costumes

Brooke has a Halloween costume. It is the clown costume that I wore when I was 2. Ever since we got it out at Grandma and Grandpa's house, she has wanted nothing to do with it. She won't try it on, she doesn't even like to look at it. She says "no want this" every time she sees it! We were telling this our friends tonight while over at their house, so they brought out one of their daughter's old Halloween costumes...Winnie the Pooh. Brooke, of course loved it and had no problem trying it on! Here she is with Olivia (the tiger) who she kept calling "Truman the tiger!" I'm determined to get the clown costume on her at least once, so you may see a picture soon, but she may not be very happy!

October 17, 2008

18 Months!

I apologize, I've been bad about pictures lately..hopefully we'll get some good ones this weekend. Brooke had her 18 month doctor's visit yesterday. Here are her new stats:
32.5 inches (75%), almost 24 lbs (27%)
The doctor said she's on the supermodel plan! We still can't get over her height, given her short parents! The doctor thought she was doing great developmentally, too. Somehow, she remembered about the cookies in their cabinet and asked for cookies the entire visit!

Here are some other things she has been up to lately:
- counting: she's up to 6..we discovered tonight!
- naming people: she can name all of her family members and friends at day care
- pumpkins: she loves seeing pumpkin decorations everywhere we go!
- Truman the tiger: she talks about him whenever she sees the picture on our MU calendar and then proceeds to say Mizzou tigers and touchdown! (hopefully she's right this weekend!)
- the potty: she sits on the potty sometimes at home, but is very interested in day care because her friends are doing it. She even peed on her shoe the other day because she asked to go potty and before her teacher could get her on the toilet, she went. Supposedly, she was very excited and kept saying: "I potty, I potty!" So, apparently she understands the concept. Jason and I commented that most people don't get as excited about a wet shoe as we did!
As you can tell, she is getting more personality and smarter each day. Its amazing to see what she will do or say next!

October 05, 2008

Making the best of Kansas

Since we don't have mountains or oceans, we had to settle for Prairie. We took Brooke to the Konza Prairie, just outside of Manhattan, today and had a very nice hike. It was actually quite pretty and not entirely flat! She rode in a backpack on Jason's back which she thoroughly enjoyed and even wanted to walk some on her own. Below are some pictures from the day.

Ms. Fix-It

So, not only do I like to clean, but I like to help daddy build too! I had to help hammer all of the nails as daddy was putting together my new shelf yesterday. I even got to use the real hammer. Here is a picture of the finished product in room as well!

October 02, 2008

Grown Up

Mom thought I looked so grown up in my jeans and new shoes today. She said I look like a little girl, not a baby anymore! I am acting very grown up these days too. I talk ALL the time and love to express my opinion. I am constantly saying, "No want this" or in some cases, "No watch that" (when daddy was watching football and I had Elmo in mind). I tell mommy, "one more" after my books at night and can name all the animals on my puzzle (even rhino, giraffe and zebra).