July 10, 2009

Daycare Welcome Wagon!

We have found out from Brooke's daycare teachers that apparently she is the welcoming committee for the new kids in her class. A while back, a new friend joined Brooke's class (Sadie). Apparently, Brooke took Sadie all around the classroom and showed her where everything was. She then took her up to Trinity and said, "This is our new friend, Sadie!" Her teachers had told me about this when I picked her up one day. This week she got another new friend in her class, who she was very excited to tell Jason and I about. When I asked her teacher about her, she told me that Brooke again, took her new friend around and told her all about the class room and told her everyone's name in the class. Her teacher called her their "little teacher." She is quite the social butterfly! I wish I could see her introducing her friend to everyone in the class and showing her the ropes, I'm sure it was quite a sight! (the picture has no relation to the story, just a cute outfit and I needed a picture to post.)


Jen said...

did you ever figure out the new friends name?

Stacey said...

"Rexa"= Lexa...you were right!