March 29, 2008


I Love shoes! "Shoes" is another one of my ever growing list of words that I say. I get excited every time I see my shoes and talk about them until someone helps me put them on. I like to point out mom and dad's shoes too. Dad says I get my love of shoes from my mom and they are scared what that means for the future! Here I am with daddy's boots on and playing with my own shoes.

March 26, 2008

Walking, Talking and Playing!

I started walking with the help of my push toy today. The video is a little long but if you listen closely at the end you can hear me say Allie.
In the next video, I'm looking for Bo and I say his name!

Grandma Nickell got me some bubbles in my easter basket. Who knew Allie would like them as much as me!

March 24, 2008

Miss Independent!

This weekend Brooke started refusing her baby food. We had been slowly giving her more table food and less baby food, but she just refused baby food this weekend. She would only eat what she could feed herself! Guess she was telling us she's ready to be a big girl! Here she is at dinner tonight eating chicken, potatoes and edemame! She loved it all! She is also saying "Allie", "Bo", "dog", "cat" and "bye-bye"! She's growing up fast!

March 16, 2008

A visit to my Grandparent's house.

I went to go visit my grandparents in Stanberry this weekend and we had a great weekend! I played the piano, learned all about fans and lights, ate animal crackers, cruised along the couch for the first time and started signing "more". I also got very good and waving bye bye! I liked looking outside at the cows, too. I got to visit all my great-grandparents (which I feel very lucky to have) and wore my Easter dress to church since we won't be there next weekend. Click on this link to see the pictures and some videos.

Random pictures

Here are some pictures that my mom has gotten behind on posting.

This is a picture of me watching my baby sign video. I love to watch it (for about 10 minutes, then I get bored) I started using my signs about 2 weeks ago. I sign "eat", "milk", "more" and of course: "dog"!

This is when we got stuck at the airport on the way to St. Louis. I was very patient!

Playing in a box at Grandma and Grandpa Meyer's house. (Making everyone smile during a sad time :)

March 02, 2008


Brooke's Great Grandma Irma passed away this weekend. She was lucky to have lived 89 healthy years and maintain her health up until the very end. We feel very blessed that she got to know Brooke and that Brooke got to know her. She was a very special great-grandma, grandma and mother.

Everyone who knew Grandma knew how young at heart she was. She was active and healthy until the last 4-6 months of her life, which is exactly how she wanted it. She touched everyone's life who she met. She was a wonderful woman. We love you, Grandma.
Death makes you realize the innocence of a baby. All day yesterday as we were struggling to deal with everything that was going on, Brooke was just happy and smiling and laughing away. It must be nice to only have to worry about your next meal or where your favorite toy is. I wish life could stay this easy and simple for her forever. All I had to do was look at her and feel better. She could always bring a smile to Grandma's face and I know she will continue to bring smiles to everyone.