July 03, 2009

I need a Pillow!

Thursday when I got home from work, Brooke told me, "I'm going to sleep with a pillow tonight!" I asked Jason where this came from and he said he didn't know but she told him the same thing and took the pillow from the couch into her crib to sleep with. Later, I asked Brooke if any of her friends at day care had pillows they napped with. She got a sheepish smile and said, "Sadie has a pillow!" (Sadie is a new friend at day care who just started in Brooke's class). So, last night she slept with our couch pillow, but today Brooke and I went to Target to get her her own pillow. She is very excited about her new pillow! She is posing in the picture below pretending to be asleep!

1 comment:

Barb said...

what an actress!