July 10, 2009

Baby Time

Brooke has been very "mothering" lately to her babies. She has 2 baby dolls..the one with no hair is named Brooke. The one with longer hair is named Trinity. (Trinity is her daycare friend with long blond hair). A few nights ago and then again tonight she decided she needed to read to her baby and rock her and put her to sleep. She also thought her baby needed to sleep on a pillow like she does. She has a crib in her room where she likes to put them to bed, but tonight the baby got to sleep on the pillow in the family room.
"Trinity" on her pillow and Brooke reading to her

Brooke rocking "Brooke" (above) and reading to "Trinity"(below)

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Oliver said...

These are hilarious! I love to see her being a little mommy. Smile!