March 27, 2010

Spring Fun

Grandma Barb and Grandpa Stuart came to visit while mommy and daddy went house shopping. It was beautiful weather the first few days and then it snowed! We got to enjoy the spring weather first though!
They took me to a fun park!

Then we played outside at home and Grandpa taught me how to play t-ball!

Photo Shoot

Grandpa took a lot of pictures during their visit. I think these look like Brooke was having a photo shoot but I think they were just taken while she was playing!

Here she is with all of her princess jewelery!

March 25, 2010

Stanberry Visit

I am WAY behind...a few weeks ago we finally made it to Stanberry (we were supposed to have gone Christmas but got snowed in here!) We had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa Nickell and Brooke's great Grandparents. My camera didn't make it out much..this is the only picture I took! Brooke had a great time reading with and playing with her Great Grandma and Grandpa Nickell!

March 03, 2010


I know I just posted stories but here are 2 quick updates on her "growing up" post :

Preschool: Today we stopped by her old classroom to pick up some of her stuff that was still there and to drop off gifts for her teachers. The plan was to stop by and then take her to preschool. We were in her old classroom about 2 minutes and she was already saying, "Come on mommy, lets go to preschool!" She said hi to her old friends and they were happy to see her. She looked at them and said, "I'm not staying, I'm in preschool now!" Guess she made the transition just fine!

The 5 "W's": This morning when getting ready to leave, Brooke was non-stop talking. I called her Chatty Cathy and she said, "whats that?" I told her it means she likes to talk a lot and she replied,
"I have A LOT of questions!" (Yes, Brooke, you do :)

March 02, 2010

Brooke and Oliver

Our friends, the Moore's came to visit this weekend with their son Oliver. Oliver is about 1 year younger than Brooke and they had a blast playing together. The had a great time! We are so excited to be moving closer to the Moore's so Brooke and Oliver will get to play together more often.

Brooke reading to Oliver!

Growing Up :(

Brooke changed from her toddler daycare class to her pre-school class this week. I took her last Friday for a few hours to check it out and she did great so she went for a whole day yesterday and again, did wonderful! It made me sad to drop her off last week, she is getting so grown up and independent. I think we will see this even more as she spends more time at preschool! Here are a few cute stories that have happened in the past week.

- At her transition meeting (with old and new teachers) her toddler teacher told us that she has been planning movie parties at all the kids houses. She has a specific movie planned to watch at each one of her friends' houses! (She is still the social planner of the class!)

- Last night I was reading her a book with animals. There was a picture of an alligator and she said,
"Alligators, Crocodiles and Caimans!"
I told Jason about it later and neither of were sure what a Caiman was! (we looked it up, its a crocodilian reptile) We later figured out she learned this from Diego. Apparently she knows about animals that we haven't even heard of!

-"Who, What, Why, Where, When???????"
Brooke has definitely entered the "why" stage....everything you tell her is usually followed by at least 3-4 why's....I can't think of a good example right now but we are answering A LOT of questions around here!

Curly Locks

Brooke's hair is getting much thicker and very curly in the back (the top and sides still need a little work!) Here is a picture of it at its best right after a bath. She gets mad when I call her curly locks or Goldilocks! ("My hair isn't gold, its blond!)