July 05, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We had a nice relaxing July 4th weekend. On Friday we decided to buy some kid fireworks. (Fireworks are legal in Manhattan, therefore the neighborhoods are VERY loud the entire week!) It was fun because Jason and I had the exact same memories of childhood fireworks: snakes, poppers, sparklers and those little tanks that don't do much! Now they have turtles and chickens in addition to the tanks and the sparklers are much more fancy (and dangerous) then they used to be, but it was still fun sharing these with Brooke. She sat very obediently on the step and watched intently!

Saturday we went to a friends house for a barbecue. Brooke had a very exciting day! She had fun riding on their toy car and 4-wheeler, eating her first corn-on-the-cob, watching the big kids do fireworks, jumping in the bounce house and swimming! Needless to say, after all that we didn't make it to fireworks but it was a fun day! I'm pretty sure the only time Brooke was not talking was when she fell asleep in the car on the way home...REALLY...she was saying something every second of the day, even when no one was listening!

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Jason said...

Cute! Glad it was fun, I spent a bunch of time fighting through seas of people. I always liked those spinny silver things that shot straight up in the air - don't know if they constitute "kid" fireworks, but you'll have to work those in sometime.