February 20, 2010

Future Olympian

Brooke has really enjoyed watching the Olympics. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Before they started we were watching extreme snowmobiling:
"That looks like fun, Mommy. I've never done that before!"
(like it would be normal if she had!)

While watching ice skating:
Me: "Would you like to ice skate sometime, Brooke?"
Brooke: "But I need to get some ice skates."
(later): "Daddy, we need to get me some ice skates!"

At dinner tonight:
Jason: "Brooke, would you like to be in the Olympics someday?"
Brooke: "But, I don't have any skis!"
(I love how in her mind that's the only thing holding her back from being in the olympics...the lack of skis!)

February 15, 2010


Brooke loves to color on her easel with markers but today we decided to pull out the paints. She loved it, although I need to get her some better paints (finger paints don't work so well!) and it was a nice "new" activity for us to do!

Valentines Day

Brooke is very into holidays these days. She knew that Valentine's Day came after Christmas and now she knows that Easter is next. Most importantly, she is very excited that her birthday is after Easter! (she is very excited for her birthday this year!) We had a nice Valentines Day weekend with a visit from Grandma Nickell. Brooke got to help make banana bread and of course had to wear her apron and hat! She was very excited to get a rose from Daddy and loved all the candy!

Trying to get a good picture before daycare is a challenge. Brooke is not a morning person and yes she still has her binkie, especially when she is grumpy! Here are my best attempts at a picture of her V-day outfit!

Baking with Grandma!