August 03, 2009

Nursery Rhymes and Potty Time

Below are 2 more videos of Brooke "reading." I promise I'm not going to post videos every time she finds a new book, but I know the other one was a hit and these are just too funny not to post! The first one is the nursery rhyme book. Friday we read it and she knew about 3-4 of the rhymes. Saturday, while I was at work she made Jason read each one over and over until she could remember them! As you can see, she now knows them all! (The video was taken on Sunday!)It's a little long and she really doesn't like to be taped, so it was the best I could do.

This one is a potty book I got for her a few months ago. I'm really not sure how she learned this one..we haven't read it to her that much. You can see that she recites some of the pages word-for-word. She also mumbles through some of them! Plus, its pretty amusing to hear her read about peeing in the potty. (which she has no interest in actually doing, by the way!)


Arianne said...

These are hilarous!

Jason said...

"Uh oh, I peed in my pants!" I like how that's the one line she's got down.

Oliver said...

I love how to points to the words like she's really reading them! Obviously someone who reads to her must do that. So cute!