February 26, 2009

Princesses and Pedicures

I don't really think Brooke is a "girly-girl" proven by her love of all things football! But, she does love her shoes, hats, purses and jewelery, so she definitely has some girly tendencies! Tuesday when I was off work, we had some fun girl time painting our toe nails. It started as a way to get her to let me cut her toenails, but didn't really help that task! She was very excited about her pink toes and every time her socks come off, she exclaims, "Ooohaaah" like she's forgotten that they were painted each time! She also got some new princess pj's which were supposed to be for pajama day at day care, but never made it due to illness. (Yes, I bought new pajamas just for pajama day at day care, but I justified that she needed new ones this spring anyway!). I didn't really think she cared about Princesses as she is still more into Dora, but she talked about her "princess jammies" all night! She also has new princess slippers which she got around the holidays but just started wearing this week!

Brooke is really starting to have her own ideas and thoughts these days. Today, when I walked in from work, I was greeted with the usual, "MOMMY!!!", immediately followed by, "you need to buy more fruit snacks!" Apparently she had been telling Jason this all night after realizing last night that we were out. I guess I have a job to do on my day off tomorrow!

February 21, 2009


Camera is up and working, but I don't have a memory card so it only holds about 10 pictures and I'm not sure if I have enough memory for a video. I'll try to get one tomorrow. The other obstacle is that every time Brooke see's the camera, she says, "NOOO" and grimaces, so its really hard to get anything worthwhile! Here are a few pics from today. One serious one (concentrating on Go, Diego, Go!, (me sneaking a picutre), one smile I actually captured, and one eating ice cream! Yes, its cold, but that doesn't stop us from eating ice cream! We went to dinner tonight and then had a few things to get at Target. Brooke was getting antsy at Target, so we told her we would go get ice cream afterwards. The rest of the trip she kept saying, "I go get ice cream, I go get ice cream." While we were driving over to Baskin Robins, we asked her if she wanted vanilla and she answered, "No, I want chocolate!" We were surprised she even knew chocolate was an option! (She got vanilla anyway)

February 20, 2009

Pictures...coming soon!

No pictures...ends up my camera didn't work so hot after going through the wash. I just got my new one in the mail tonight...as much as I didn't want to buy a new camera, it looks really nice! I'm waiting for the battery to charge so I can start playing! I promise pictures and videos by the end of the weekend!

Here's a story instead:

Tonight Jason was driving Brooke home from daycare and they saw a gasoline truck. He explained to Brooke what it was and said something like, "it holds gas, which is what we put in the car to make it run." Brooke thought about this for a minute and then responded, "DADDY, cars don't RUN...they DRIVE!" (with the tone of, duh!)

Brooke has been talking up a storm and singing a lot lately, too. Yesterday at lunch she broke out in "The Farmer in the Dell" which is not one of our usual songs, guess she learned it at daycare! I will try to get some of this on video this weekend if she doesn't clam up!

February 10, 2009

me and my dogs!

Just when I say I don't have anything to take pictures of, I'm off work and its a gorgeous day outside! We spent some time in the back yard brushing the dogs and Brooke had a ball playing with them. We have Jordan's dog Jay her for the month, so she had another dog to play with. They were all great with her except for the occasional lick-attack and stealing her rocks. She has a thing for rocks. In almost every picture, if you look at her hands, you can see that she is holding something (rocks). Of course, our stupid dogs have a thing for rocks too, so they kept taking them from her!

Of course, we had to take a trip to the park to swing today, too!

Hat Day!

Sorry I have been bad about new pictures lately; a few excuses: 1. Although Brooke is still changing daily, it is more in her vocabulary/language than in her appearance. I have noticed an exponential decrease in the number of pictures we take the older she gets. Of course, we still think she is adorable daily, but just don't think about grabbing the camera as often! 2. my camera made an accidental trip through the wash machine! Amazingly, it is working like nothing never happened, but it was out of commission for a few days. These pictures are with my old camera and I can tell the difference in quality, so I'm glad I've got the other one back.

This week is "theme week" at Brooke's day care. Monday was hat day (see below). Today is mismatch day, but I'm off, so we will miss it. Wed. is red day, Thus. is pajama day and Friday is team day. I will try to take pics as the week goes on. Monday Brooke was not happy with my picture taking. I was trying to take them in the morning, before day care. Every time she saw the camera she would, say, "No, mommy, stop!" and go the other way! Below is the best I could get! So, we'll see what happens on future mornings...

Below is after day care and a day of "stamping" Valentine's Day cards. Her entire face, hands and sweatsuit were covered in blue! Luckily, the sweat suit was a hand-me-down that we don't really care about. We thought her hat went nicely with her black-eye look! Even after her bath, she is still blue today!