April 21, 2010

What it means to be 3...

...peeing on the potty(!!!!!) and calling my parents, "mom" and "dad" instead of "mommy" and "daddy"

So, for a little background, we started trying to work with Brooke on potty training back around the holidays. Since then she has shown little to NO interest in it and really could care less about it. We had some pull ups around (which she calls and thinks of as "big girl pants") so she has been wearing them more but not really doing anything else to do with potty training. As of Sunday, she had NEVER peed in the potty. Jason and I were about ready just to drop it again until after the baby was born, but apparently "something" clicked on Sunday and she asked to sit on the potty and went! Then we had to go to a dinner and she asked to go potty at the restaurant. The second time she ever peed in the potty was in a public bathroom!!! She continued to do well Sunday night and Monday morning. Tuesday I was home with her and she used the potty all day!!!!

Our one question was how she was doing at preschool. I called her teacher today and she said nothing had changed (she wasn't using the potty at all). I tried to think of why this would be and Jason asked her tonight...my suspicion was right...she flat out told him, "because I don't get m&m's there!"

So...we will work on a reward for preschool but we are thrilled that she is doing so well at home. Now we just hope it doesn't all get erased when the baby is born!

For some reason, on Sunday, she also stopped calling us Mommy and Daddy, using Mom and Dad instead! I have no idea where this came from and it makes her sound way too grown up...we don't like it at all!!!

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Oliver said...

Yeah for peeing in the potty!!