April 25, 2010

Weekend Fun!

I am finished working Saturdays so we enjoyed a "normal" weekend. It was nice to get out as a family and do some fun things and not have to squeeze everything in around work!

Brooke did get a few gifts for her birthday that were not princess related! She enjoyed painting with her new paints and smock on my day off this week.
Saturday was a beautiful day out so we enjoyed a trip to the Manhattan Sunset Zoo.

Another birthday gift...a new microphone! Here she is jammin' in her Ariel costume!
We realized it had been a while since we had put pigtails in...they are a little more substantial than the first time we tried!
Oh...and she had an EXCELLENT potty weekend...peed in the potty all weekend! Still working on preschool and pooping, but we'll take what we can get!!!

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