April 13, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Brooke!

Brooke has been looking forward to her birthday for months! She woke up Sunday very excited that the day was finally here. She started by exclaiming that she wanted cake for breakfast! She was very excited for her party and couldn't wait for everyone to get here. She had a wonderful princess party and had so much fun with all of her grandparents, great grandparent Nickell's and Aunt Arianne. She loved ALL of her presents but her favorite was probably her new princess dress-up clothes and shoes. She smiled and laughed the entire time we sang happy birthday to her. Everyone wore crowns instead of party hats and she thought that was pretty cool too! After cake she played dress up and with all her new toys (see next post). At about 2:45 she decided the party was over when she asked me, "Can I go to sleep now?" after which she promptly took her nap in her new princess and the frog nightgown!

Below is a collage of pics before the party...thanks Grandpa Stuart for taking all the wonderful pictures so I didn't have to!
Here is a slideshow of an overview of the party:

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Ashley said...

Oh I love the Princess and the Frog nightgown! Too cute!!! One of our new favorite movies!