April 13, 2010

Princess Dress Up

One of Brooke's favorite gifts was her chest of dress up clothes. She had to try on all 4 princess outfits (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel). Her favorite were Cinderella and Snow White and she probably put at least each of these on 3 times!

The best part of playing dress up though, was that Brooke decided to re-enact scenes from Snow White and Cinderella. For Snow White, she had Grandma Nickell play the mean queen and bring her a poisonous apple. She would then eat it, fall over and wait for the prince (Jason) to come kiss her and wake her up! Below is her re-enactment of Cinderella:
"I lost my glass slipper on the stairs"
"Dose the slipper fit?"
"It fits!!!"
She came up with all of this on her own! It was great!!!!

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Oliver said...

She is a riot! How funny!!