February 20, 2009

Pictures...coming soon!

No pictures...ends up my camera didn't work so hot after going through the wash. I just got my new one in the mail tonight...as much as I didn't want to buy a new camera, it looks really nice! I'm waiting for the battery to charge so I can start playing! I promise pictures and videos by the end of the weekend!

Here's a story instead:

Tonight Jason was driving Brooke home from daycare and they saw a gasoline truck. He explained to Brooke what it was and said something like, "it holds gas, which is what we put in the car to make it run." Brooke thought about this for a minute and then responded, "DADDY, cars don't RUN...they DRIVE!" (with the tone of, duh!)

Brooke has been talking up a storm and singing a lot lately, too. Yesterday at lunch she broke out in "The Farmer in the Dell" which is not one of our usual songs, guess she learned it at daycare! I will try to get some of this on video this weekend if she doesn't clam up!

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