February 10, 2009

Hat Day!

Sorry I have been bad about new pictures lately; a few excuses: 1. Although Brooke is still changing daily, it is more in her vocabulary/language than in her appearance. I have noticed an exponential decrease in the number of pictures we take the older she gets. Of course, we still think she is adorable daily, but just don't think about grabbing the camera as often! 2. my camera made an accidental trip through the wash machine! Amazingly, it is working like nothing never happened, but it was out of commission for a few days. These pictures are with my old camera and I can tell the difference in quality, so I'm glad I've got the other one back.

This week is "theme week" at Brooke's day care. Monday was hat day (see below). Today is mismatch day, but I'm off, so we will miss it. Wed. is red day, Thus. is pajama day and Friday is team day. I will try to take pics as the week goes on. Monday Brooke was not happy with my picture taking. I was trying to take them in the morning, before day care. Every time she saw the camera she would, say, "No, mommy, stop!" and go the other way! Below is the best I could get! So, we'll see what happens on future mornings...

Below is after day care and a day of "stamping" Valentine's Day cards. Her entire face, hands and sweatsuit were covered in blue! Luckily, the sweat suit was a hand-me-down that we don't really care about. We thought her hat went nicely with her black-eye look! Even after her bath, she is still blue today!

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