February 21, 2009


Camera is up and working, but I don't have a memory card so it only holds about 10 pictures and I'm not sure if I have enough memory for a video. I'll try to get one tomorrow. The other obstacle is that every time Brooke see's the camera, she says, "NOOO" and grimaces, so its really hard to get anything worthwhile! Here are a few pics from today. One serious one (concentrating on Go, Diego, Go!, (me sneaking a picutre), one smile I actually captured, and one eating ice cream! Yes, its cold, but that doesn't stop us from eating ice cream! We went to dinner tonight and then had a few things to get at Target. Brooke was getting antsy at Target, so we told her we would go get ice cream afterwards. The rest of the trip she kept saying, "I go get ice cream, I go get ice cream." While we were driving over to Baskin Robins, we asked her if she wanted vanilla and she answered, "No, I want chocolate!" We were surprised she even knew chocolate was an option! (She got vanilla anyway)

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Stuart said...

did you catch the smile or did the camera?