February 10, 2009

me and my dogs!

Just when I say I don't have anything to take pictures of, I'm off work and its a gorgeous day outside! We spent some time in the back yard brushing the dogs and Brooke had a ball playing with them. We have Jordan's dog Jay her for the month, so she had another dog to play with. They were all great with her except for the occasional lick-attack and stealing her rocks. She has a thing for rocks. In almost every picture, if you look at her hands, you can see that she is holding something (rocks). Of course, our stupid dogs have a thing for rocks too, so they kept taking them from her!

Of course, we had to take a trip to the park to swing today, too!

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Jason said...

I'm looking out at the snow still on the ground here, so I'm jealous of the weather - but from Brooke's face it looks like she knew how to appreciate it. And rocks are the shit, so I totally get that.