August 16, 2009

Big Girl Bed!

Today we converted Brooke's bed to a toddler bed. We have been talking about it for a while and she was very excited about it. She has never tried to climb out of her crib and she actually usually doesn't even stand up in her crib until we come in her room so we didn't have a good reason to change her to a bed. But, she is getting heavy to put in and out of the crib and at some point we need to get rid of the binky and potty train, so we figured we'd tackle one milestone at a time and that this would probably be the easiest.

After Jason changed her bed this morning, Brooke ran around saying, "big girl bed, big girl bed!" and kept climbing in and out of it. The picture above was not posed, she just climbed in and started reading her book! She did great with her nap today and called for daddy when she woke up and was still laying down in her bed. He had to tell her she could get up! (We are hoping to keep it this way!)

So, hopefully this transition to "big girl" will continue to be this easy. Jason and I did feel a little sad moving our baby out of a crib. On another note, Brooke is telling us that she is going to give her binkie to her baby cousin, so if we haven't gotten rid of it by January, we are hoping to get rid of it then!

It looks like she is posing in this one but she was actually sound asleep! She had been asleep so long we were trying to get her to wake up so she would sleep tonight!)

Here is a pic of our big girl in her new dress Grandma Nickell and Aunt Arianne bought for her!

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Barb said...

She looks so grown up!