September 02, 2009

Visit to KC

A few weekends ago (I've lost track!) we went to KC to see some friends Saturday night and then we got to see Oliver's new house (and his mom and dad!) Brooke got to spend Saturday night with her Aunt Arianne while Jason and I went out. Below are some pics of Brooke and Oliver.
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, these are literally the only 2 pictures on my camera from the last 3-4 weeks. Guess we haven't been doing anything too exciting! Grandma Nickell came to visit this weekend and she and Brooke had a great time, but no pictures were taken. The "big girl bed" update is that it is still going great. She still won't get out of bed until she calls for us to come in her room! I hope all of her transitions go this smoothly!

Giving Oliver a hug!

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Jen said...

they have the same hair!