May 28, 2009

Visit to Illinois

After our nice visit in St. Louis, we headed to Bloomington, IL to visit Jill, Brian and Addilyn. We spent Memorial Day at Jill's family's "pond." Brooke had a blast. She got to ride on a paddle boat, swing for hours, ride the 4-wheeler and watch the guys fish. She was very excited about the boat ride and even said, "Are we going to cross the river?" (which is right out of a Dora episode). She announced that, "we are all fishing together" even though she was just watching! Se entertained all the adults with songs and endless conversation! It was great to spend time with Jill and Brian and to meet their beautiful little girl, Addilyn. I have a few more pics I need that are on Jill's camera, so I'll add them when I get them.

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