May 07, 2009

The Binkie Monologues

and I quote....

"I throw away my binkies. I'm a big girl, I don't need a binkie anymore. Trinity no have a binkie. She's a big girl, too. Binkies are for babies. My friend Arye-ana has a binkie. She's a baby."

Out of nowhere, Brooke went into this little monologue the other night. We were cleaning up from dinner and she just started talking. We have no idea where it came from! Unfortunately, she can say it all she wants but it still doesn't seem to matter come bed time. She is NOT asking for it, but she is still having a hard time getting to sleep. She was doing well until we went into St. Louis, but she has had a hard week since then. The last few nights have been better, so hopefully we are back where we started soon.

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Barb said...

Two year olds are not supposed to have that much language - and I should know!