June 05, 2009


As many toddlers do, Brooke LOVES stickers. Last week, Jason and I were both in the kitchen and we found her covered in her stickers. She can't leave the grocery store without a sticker, whether its from the bananas or the bright orange sticker they put on things to show that you paid for them. Jason and I can't walk through the house without having stickers stuck to our socks!

Brooke has also been full of new information lately. The other day she informed me, "A daddy cow is called a bull." She also knew a mommy horse is a mare and Jason has been working on all of the other animal gender/offspring names. She is visiting Grandma and Grandpa Nickell while we are in Columbia so I'm sure we will have some pictures from Grandpa and stories to post soon!

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Scott and Sue Plus Two said...

I just got back from shopping with Jen. I tried to convince her to buy Brooke a Fancy Nancy sticker book full of 600 stickers but Jen thought you'd "kill her!"
Emma is also very into stickers!