March 02, 2010

Growing Up :(

Brooke changed from her toddler daycare class to her pre-school class this week. I took her last Friday for a few hours to check it out and she did great so she went for a whole day yesterday and again, did wonderful! It made me sad to drop her off last week, she is getting so grown up and independent. I think we will see this even more as she spends more time at preschool! Here are a few cute stories that have happened in the past week.

- At her transition meeting (with old and new teachers) her toddler teacher told us that she has been planning movie parties at all the kids houses. She has a specific movie planned to watch at each one of her friends' houses! (She is still the social planner of the class!)

- Last night I was reading her a book with animals. There was a picture of an alligator and she said,
"Alligators, Crocodiles and Caimans!"
I told Jason about it later and neither of were sure what a Caiman was! (we looked it up, its a crocodilian reptile) We later figured out she learned this from Diego. Apparently she knows about animals that we haven't even heard of!

-"Who, What, Why, Where, When???????"
Brooke has definitely entered the "why" stage....everything you tell her is usually followed by at least 3-4 why's....I can't think of a good example right now but we are answering A LOT of questions around here!

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