December 05, 2009

You make me laugh!!

It seems like everything that comes out of Brooke's mouth these days is funny or adorable! She is constantly talking about something, but the things she says never cease to surprise us. Here are just a few examples! It always sounds funnier/cuter when you hear her 2 year old voice say it, but I had to at least try to share some of them. Sorry, I've been bad about pictures (didn't take a single one on Thanksgiving!) but hopefully these stories will make up for it!

Brooke has her new t-shirt on that has a picture of a dog and says "my best friend"
Brooke: What do these letters say, Mommy?" (this is her new question whenever she sees writing on things)
Mommy: It says my best friend. Are Macie and Bo your best friends?
Brooke: No, Mommy, YOU are my best friend!
(She is so sweet, I about cried when she said this!)

Scene: driving home from daycare
- Brooke was very excited to show me their new blocks when I picked her up and how they had rearranged the classroom
Mommy: I like your new classroom, its very nice.
Brooke: Sooo...What do you think of our new blocks?
(It sounded like a question an adult would ask!)

Scene: In the kitchen, getting ready to go play after dinner
Brooke: I'm going to be a vet, daddy!
(she was referring to her dress up vet stuff, but it was still funny (scary?) to hear her say it!)

...and my favorite....
Scene: the three of us in the family room, one of the dogs made a weird noise in the kitchen...
Jason: What was that??? (referring to the noise the dog made)
Brooke: That was me tooting!

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Laureana said...

Brooke is Hilarious! i love her, shes adorable!