December 09, 2009

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Addendum to the best friend story:
Brooke continues to talk about how I am her friend or best friend. When we ask her, what about daddy? her response is, "He's just my daddy!" "Mommy's my friend, but daddy's just my daddy!"

Brooke LOVES bananas. She would probably eat 2 a day if we let her. Grandma and Grandpa Nickell know this so always have bananas for her at their house. One time Grandpa said, "I think there's a banana here with your name on it". He proceeded to show her a banana with her name actually written on it. This has happened a few times. The other night at dinner (here) Brooke was eating a banana. She said to Jason:
"Grandma and Grandpa Nickell always have bananas with my name on them....
I wonder if they write it on there?!?!"

Really???? She figured THAT out? Great! We're never going to get anything by her!!!


Oliver said...

She cracks me up!!

Jen said...

remind her of that "best friend" story when she's 13!!