April 23, 2009

Bye Bye Binkie!

For the record, I HATE the word binkie. We used "pacifier" since Brooke was born. When she started talking, she called it her "petie or pete" which we then realized had come from binkie. She learned this at day care, NOT at home! After Brooke's doctors appointment last week we decided we would give it a shot to get rid of it cold turkey. We tried without much effort one night and she just cried, "I want my binkie, I want my binkie, PLEASE!" (Its hard to say no when she asks so nicely!) Since that wasn't going to work, we decided to make a big deal about getting rid of it.

So, last Friday night we made a big deal about throwing away the binkies. Before she went to bed, she said bye bye to them and threw them in a trash bag (clean, in case of emergency :) She was very brave and threw them away without any hesitation. Her first few nights/naps she cried some and had a harder time going to sleep, but she NEVER mentioned the binkie again! You could tell she was sad about it but she understood she had thrown it away so she wouldn't ask for it. She wants to be rocked now, which we haven't done forever, but starting 2 nights ago (only 5 nights after the big event) she went to sleep after less than 5 minutes of rocking and without a cry. She has gone down fine every night/nap since then! Its pretty amazing that she knows she threw it away, so she doesn't even ask for it. Tonight at dinner we told her she was a big girl for throwing her binkie away and she said, "my binkies are all gone." I really thought it would be much harder than this!

On another 2 year old milestone note, Brooke LOVES peanut butter, which makes her peanut butter-loving mom very happy!

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Jason said...

Impressive - though I still think "bye bye poo!" when you threw away her diapers was funnier. Though I suppose you don't tell someone they're a big girl for throwing away their poo.