March 03, 2009

Blog Makeover!

While Brooke was watching Dora today, I was playing around on my laptop and found this great website( to customize your blog. So, now I've spent half of nap time "playing" with my blog instead of being productive! I love the way it turned out though and have always hated the boring, generic look of the blog. Plus, I was kind of proud of myself that I figured out how to do it! (It was pretty simple, but still..) Hope you like it! (I will post some pics soon :)

I also added a new feature: followers! I know that more than just Sue and Mom follow my please join. I love knowing people actually look at all this hard work!


Stuart said...

I like it! It matches the color scheme that you use for the holiday cards

Emily said...

I follow! You're in my list of favorite blogs!

Steve said...

Stacey, Thanks for your time with the blog. I like the new format.