December 04, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Brooke had fun helping us put up the Christmas tree this weekend. Every time she walks into the family room now, she points to it and says, "Whoa!" Today she started clapping when she was sitting in front of it playing. Last night when she was going to bed, I told her she got to stay home with Mommy tomorrow (I'm off work today) and I asked her what she wanted to play. She responded, "I go shopping!" I guess she thinks that's what we do on my days off! Daddy loved that! Today I was explaining to her about Hanukkah and Santa bringing her toys. I asked her what toys she wanted and she said, "I want fishy, pink." When I asked what else she said "purple one, too". So I guess she wants pink and purple fishys in case anyone needs a gift idea!

Helping to hang the ornaments

Checking out the work

Trying to get a posed picture in front of the tree! (easier said then done!)

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