December 28, 2008

Christmas in Stanberry

We had a wonderful long weekend in Stanberry for Christmas. Brooke doesn't quite understand the meaning of Christmas yet, but she knows who Santa Claus is and she knows about getting presents. She also understands lighting the candles for Hanukkah and then getting presents. (She gets the present thing!) Here are a few highlights from her weekend....

Presents! She woke up Christmas morning and looked at them and said, "they're ALL mine!" The day after Christmas, after we ate breakfast, she said, "I open presents!"

Cows! Grandpa and Daddy took her on a ranger ride to go see the cows..she is still talking about it!

Running! She had a blast playing with all of her Boyer cousins and exclaimed, "I running, I running!" as they ran all over the house!

Jewelry! This was just one of many times trying on jewelry with Grandma and Aunt Arianne.

Biscuits! She had fun helping Grandma bake biscuits (and enjoyed eating them too!)

Flying! She went "flying" with Uncle Jordan many times (we didn't get a picture of it though)

Great Grandparents! Brooke enjoyed seeing both sets of Great Grandparents and even understood that she has multiple Grandmas and Grandpas!

She was done taking picutres by this one! (I hope that isn't foreshadowing to a future eye roller!)
As you can see, she had a great weekend! There are many more pictures on this link. Brooke started calling Jason, "Dad" this weekend, instead of Daddy. Its a little sad to hear her say, "Hi, Dad" or "I eating, Dad"...too grown up! There was snow on the ground when we got to Stanberry which melted while we were there. Brooke noticed that the snow was gone and asked where it went. Someone told her that Jay (Jordan's dog) ate it. She remembered that and on the way home tonight when she didn't see any snow in Manhattan, she exclaimed, "Jay ate all the snow!" I guess that's easier to understand than the concept of melting!


Jason said...

I think that last one is a classic Jen face. From my experience, that means she probably won't be too bad until she has siblings to roll her eyes at...

Jen said...

I think that would be a classic Stacey face, J, you must be confused!