April 14, 2008

Bronchitis for my Birthday

I know I don't know a lot about birthdays yet, but I'm pretty sure they say you are supposed to get fun stuff..not a cough and a fever...I was supposed to have a big birthday party with my grandparents and great-parents and Aunt this weekend, but instead I woke up with a fever on Saturday. I still didn't feel very well on Sunday so we had to cancel the party. Grandma and Grandpa Meyer were already here visiting when I got sick, so I still got to see them, but I was very sad to not get to see my other family. They will come visit me soon, though, and I don't really know my birthday from any other day so I'll be just as happy to see them then! I did get a fun present and try to have cake with Grandma and Grandpa, but as you can see, I really wasn't feeling up to partying.

Here's some pictures of my new fun slide/climber toy!

Mom took me to the doctor today and she says I have bronchitis. I feel better today and I started my antibiotics, so hopefully I will be back to my happy self soon!

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