June 20, 2007

Listen to my sweet voice!

In the past few weeks, I have really started "talking" a lot! I am 10 weeks now and continue to grow and change every day. Here are a few videos of me talking, just click the links below!

Watch me talk!

Talking 2


Laura Joback said...

Hey, Stacey! Loved the pictures you have of Brooke! My favorite is definately the one of her fast asleep in the swaddling blanket! Thinking of you two with all of the hoop-lah of moving and (trying to) settle in without really TRYING to settle in (i.e.: you want something permanent soon). Hope that these last few weeks in June are sweet for you b/c those 1st days in July away from her when maternity leave is over are just around the corner. Hope you all are doing well! Enjoyed the photos as usual (I know I already said that, but it bears repeating)!!! Laura

Jen said...

Brooke, that was so nice of you to say "I love you Aunt Jen" on your blog! (that was what you were saying, wasn't it??)