June 13, 2007

My first trip to St. Louis

I took my first trip to St. Louis June 5th - 10th,2007. I got to meet a lot of friends and family and of course have many pictures taken. Below are a few pictures my Grandpa Stuart took of me and then some pictures of me with friends and family!

Smiling is a common expression these days!

Stretching is my favorite thing to do!

Here are some pictures of my family and I during our visit.

This is from my naming ceremony at temple.

Uncle Jason and I wore matching polos and we didn't even plan it!

Here are some pictures of all of the many visitors I had while in St. Louis. I didn't put them all up because there were so many, but it was great to see everyone!

Great Aunt Marjorie

Great Aunt Mae

Cousin Jaime

Great Uncle Alan

Cousin Eileen

Great Grandma Irma


Jody and Kaleb


My mom's friends from high school

I thought Nick was really funny!

Jen and Irl and Griffin

Griffin liked to bounce me!

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