February 20, 2010

Future Olympian

Brooke has really enjoyed watching the Olympics. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Before they started we were watching extreme snowmobiling:
"That looks like fun, Mommy. I've never done that before!"
(like it would be normal if she had!)

While watching ice skating:
Me: "Would you like to ice skate sometime, Brooke?"
Brooke: "But I need to get some ice skates."
(later): "Daddy, we need to get me some ice skates!"

At dinner tonight:
Jason: "Brooke, would you like to be in the Olympics someday?"
Brooke: "But, I don't have any skis!"
(I love how in her mind that's the only thing holding her back from being in the olympics...the lack of skis!)

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Stuart said...

we have some skates here that would fit her--