January 11, 2010

Welcome Drew!

We are so excited to welcome Brooke's new baby cousin, Drew!
Drew Gavin Rosenblum
1.9.10 1:12am

Brooke has understood for some time that there is a baby in Aunt Jen's belly and more recently in mine but we weren't sure she REALLY understood what this meant. This weekend we showed her pictures of Drew with Jen and Dave and it seemed like she got it. A little later on, we had this conversation:
Brooke: "How come my other baby isn't out?"
Me: Your other baby? [I think its cute she calls them "her" babies!]
Brooke: (points to my stomach)
Me: This baby is still growing, its not ready to come out yet.
Brooke: But my baby cousin is out!

So, I think she gets it, now! We can't wait to see how she acts when she gets to meet him in person (and of course we can't wait to meet him too!)

She also saw a picture of Grandma Barb and Grandpa Stuart with Drew and acted surprised they were there. When I explained that they were his grandparents too she looked a little worried/upset. You mean I have to share my grandparents? I guess she'll figure this one out too!

(To see more of Drew, visit his blog at: http://drewnews10.wordpress.com/

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Oliver said...

How cute! Very helpful for you both to be pregnant so Brooke can understand all these complicated things! And of course, Congratulations!