November 08, 2009

Some Random Pics...

These pictures are a few weeks old, but I had so many others with wedding pictures and Halloween, I figured I'd save them for when I was in need for some new blog updates...

Helping daddy rake leaves
(this was when it was much cooler out!) and this is not even a fraction of the leaves that were in the yard!

Practicing...this was after she had given the baby a bottle, is currently rocking her, and then proceeded to put her to sleep. She's going to be a great big sister!

Brooke LOVED to be swaddled when she was a baby. I think we swaddled her until she was 6 or 8 months (way longer than most people do). Her blanket was loosely covering her when she went to bed and this is how we found her when we checked on her! We often find her like this and aren't quite sure how she gets her self so tightly wrapped up!

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Stuart said...

I cannot believe she wrapped herself like that!