November 09, 2008

Singing in the shower

Friday night when I was giving Brooke a bath, I was telling her Aunt Arianne how she has started singing her ABC's. We asked her to sing them and she went through the entire song, right down to "now I know my ABC's..." Of course, my camera was no where around and I could never get her to do it again as clear as that time. I did get one though and if you listen closely you can here a few letters in there! The other video is of her counting. She gets to 10, she just doesn't always get all the numbers in between! I'm not sure why these videos have to take place in the bath tub, but it seems to be the place where she is most willing to "perform"...good acoustics, I suppose!



(here's your videos, Emily :)

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Emily Lohse-Busch said...

and I appreciate it!!