October 17, 2008

18 Months!

I apologize, I've been bad about pictures lately..hopefully we'll get some good ones this weekend. Brooke had her 18 month doctor's visit yesterday. Here are her new stats:
32.5 inches (75%), almost 24 lbs (27%)
The doctor said she's on the supermodel plan! We still can't get over her height, given her short parents! The doctor thought she was doing great developmentally, too. Somehow, she remembered about the cookies in their cabinet and asked for cookies the entire visit!

Here are some other things she has been up to lately:
- counting: she's up to 6..we discovered tonight!
- naming people: she can name all of her family members and friends at day care
- pumpkins: she loves seeing pumpkin decorations everywhere we go!
- Truman the tiger: she talks about him whenever she sees the picture on our MU calendar and then proceeds to say Mizzou tigers and touchdown! (hopefully she's right this weekend!)
- the potty: she sits on the potty sometimes at home, but is very interested in day care because her friends are doing it. She even peed on her shoe the other day because she asked to go potty and before her teacher could get her on the toilet, she went. Supposedly, she was very excited and kept saying: "I potty, I potty!" So, apparently she understands the concept. Jason and I commented that most people don't get as excited about a wet shoe as we did!
As you can tell, she is getting more personality and smarter each day. Its amazing to see what she will do or say next!

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