September 06, 2008


I have been improving my language skills for a while now, but it seems like in the past few days, I have just exploded. Here are a few examples:

- Today I started saying longer sentences (it used to be two words, ie: "daddy's shoes", "my juice")
Now I am saying things like: "I want bite too" (when mom is trying to eat her lunch)

-I was playing with my toy today that has four different color balls and I correctly identified each color (blue, red, yellow, orange). Although I needed a little help, I got it right most of the time! (Mommy tried to video this, but see story below...)

- Daddy watched football all day today. Tonight while watching the game, he yelled out "nothing" when MU blocked a field goal, and I repeated, "nuh-ting". Mom proceeded to warn daddy that he better watch what he says since I am a parrot now (because sometimes what he says to the football game is not always that nice). Meanwhile, a few minutes later, mommy was trying to video tape me with her camera and right before I said "yeh-yo", the battery died. Mommy said to daddy, "mommy sucks". And guess what I repeated: "mommy sucks!" Guess mommy better follow her own advice!

Once the camera is charged, mommy will try to get some video of me talking, but I usually clam up with the camera on.

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