May 04, 2008

Birthday, Take 3!

Since I was sick on my real birthday, we had to postpone my party with my dad's side of the family, so all of my Great Grandparents and Grandma and Grandpa Nickell and Aunt Arianne all came to visit today so we could celebrate my birthday..again!

Since I have had so many birthday celebrations, I am starting to know the routine. As soon as I started opening my gifts, I pointed to my head and said "hat" (looking for my party hat) Since mom hadn't bought me a hat for today, they tried to trick me into thinking a bow was a hat (it worked :) As you can see, I have also grown quite fond of birthday cake! Much better than the first time they tried to give it to me when I was sick!

Everyone had a great time sitting around and watching me show off!

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