May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Mom and I on our firsth Mother's Day

Just in case you thought I was always happy! ( I am most of the time)

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Laura Joback said...

I know...don't's ME ON LINE doing SOMETHING! (...anything...) I thought you'd be proud that I knew how to navigate a blog! I actually know from 2 of my friends that have blogs @ their illnesses (one w/ a brain tumor, 3 kids under 8, and less than 4 years [at most] to live; another w/ a chronic orthopedic issue that keeps us all updated on a blog)....anyHOOO....I LOVE the pictures of baby Brooke! What a cutie! I must admit that my favorite is WAY back when she's on the bed swaddled & the cat is surveying "the invading infant"...just peeking over Brooke's toes. Love IT! She's so alert in a lot of her early pictures, too! You mentioned to met that you guys aren't sure WHO she looks or Jason...I'd say if I had to pick, I'd say she favors you...which is not such a bad thing!!!! I have her picture hanging up at work on the bulletin board for all to admire (and they DO!!!). Hope you're doing well! P.S.: I'll still snail mail b/c: a) it's fun to give AND receive and b) it's not so "public..." (ya know?) Big big hug to you three!
Laura Joback and Veterinary Care Center in Chesterfield, MO